A childhood memory*

I don’t know how my mum found out about it. I guess she saw me from the lounge room window as she scanned the front yard for her youngest born. She would have checked the backyard first. Why would I be in the front yard? That was not somewhere I was meant to be. At... Continue Reading →

Best of times/Worst of times

Dear mother expecting a Rainbow baby, You will be okay. You will make it. But – yes, it’s hard. It’s okay to feel confused when you know you are pregnant again. It’s okay to feel scared. It’s okay not to be excited until you feel that it’s right to feel excited. It’s okay to cry.... Continue Reading →

An open letter to Bill Shorten

Dear Mr Shorten, I have been a supporter of you for some time, and wish you all the best for the coming election. I was, however, very disappointed by your recent declaration that Labour would not be removing the GST from sanitary items should you form government. I am equally disappointed in the Coalition who... Continue Reading →

TTC after miscarriage

TW miscarriage   It’s not as if I thought it would be easy, trying to conceive after our miscarriage. And the void and sadness I have felt since we lost our 11 week bean is not going to be filled by a new baby. But – it’s more about the ‘moving on’ element. One baby... Continue Reading →

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