A list of beautiful people

Spanish man, this morning, 7:30am –

He stopped to say hi, babbled fast in a mixture of Spanish and English, something about a Jeep? He knew we were pilgrims, and asked where we were from. AUSTRALIA??!!! He nearly dropped his shopping bag. Then, he pulled two lollies out of his pocket and put them next to our coffees. He patted me on the cheek, and went to do the same to Troy, but instead shook his hand, and went on his way.

Spanish woman, in car (passenger), yesterday, about midday –

This woman saw us, and made a thumbs up sign to us – shaking it in a COME ON!!! sort of gesture. It lifted our spirits.

Spanish man, near a church, about 5km from our destination for the day, about 2pm –

We had absolutely had it, and stopped for a short break before the last spurt to get to where we had to go. A funny old man came for a chat. “Oh – it’s so hot, isn’t it? It’s so bad for you!”

Yes, yes we said, it’s so hot, but so beautiful!

“Yes, but it’s so HOT – I can take you in a bus. A bus!” (He makes a ‘bus driving’ action.)

No, no, we say – it’s the Camino!

He understands, and says goodbye.


This morning, thunderstorm –

A couple out on their balcony welcomed the drenched pilgrims walking past to stand under their house’s shelter. “What a beautiful day!” I yell up to them. They laugh at me, and beckon us to sit and relax. We took off our tops and wrung them out, putĀ  the saturated things back on, and carried on in the rain.

Today – hotel lady –

Arriving in a town with no pilgrim hostel, and after walking to a hotel that was already fully booked, the lady there rang another 2 hotels, found us a room, and drove us to our place. Lovely! “You’re so kind!” we say, “No, no, you’ve been walking all day!” she says. How kind.