A Winter Poem

On the darkest of days and coldest of nights
You set your hopes on the warm horizon and the brightest of lights
And Summer seems so far and Autumn seemed so quick
And everyone around you seems so depressed and sick
But you walk outside – and the air brings a smile
And you pull your scarf around your face and just breathe for a while
And you notice that the apple tree has budded tiny little buds
Tiny buds of winter blossoms that in a week or two will come
And you picture those glorious flowers with their petals of white snow
That will fall
And bring on Spring
And lead to the Summer
And then bring us Autumn
And ultimately back here, again
Waiting on those white buds
On the coldest of days
And the darkest of nights



I used to love life…

breathe it in each day

and smile

And I wonder what has changed –

what has occurred in me?

To shut off that light

When did it become so dark in here?

And today the sunshine came through theĀ  trees

And lit the Exhibition building

Lit the path I walked

And the people –

the people were taking photos

And smiles –

smiles were everywhere





An epiphany

I used to write poetry all the time

I used to acknowledge the air around me, the wind, the warmth of the sun

I used to have time, well, I used to make time, to stop and breathe

And write what was in my heart

And feel better for it

Now I make excuses

I sit on Facebook, look at emails, and search for jobs

Instead of seeking what lies within, aching to be heard, festering alone,

And ultimately

Releasing it

From where it lies